Megaron the Athens Concert Hall 20-21

“There is no negation that does not affirm itself elsewhere. Negation is the transitional term to a new period. Negation of the intrinsic, immutable, a priori concept, projects this concept outside of matter, reveals it a posteriori to an extrinsic reaction, becomes mutable by as many reactions”.

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New York Diaries II, 2013

Fotis Sagonas

During my stay in NY City as a Fulbright artist I have worked on Urban Diaries. My intention was to represent the nexus between the everyday and the built environment, establishing an invisible passage between the past and the future.

Afetiries IV

We are very happy to have been part of DOMÉS International Review of Architecture – AFETIRIES IV, presenting Konstantin Melnikov’s, USSR Pavilion, 1925, Paris International Exposition, pointing the ways it influenced our work.

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Voyager: Humanity in Interstellar Space

Universal Space Program, New York, USA

Evangelos Kotsioris
Rutger Huiberts

Multimedia installation (circular projection, digital sound, real-time digital counters), 1hr, 57min

Alt Art Space, Istanbul Design Biennial, Are We Human?, 2016.