Megaron the Athens Concert Hall 18-19

Past July we were assigned to design of the Concert Hall’s visual identity for the season 2018-2019. The nature of the project, as well as its scale- in terms of communication with a broad audience and implementation of a multitude of applications- creates a complex set of specifications and needs that require an overall handling for this project to be realized.

Megaron performs in recent years a dynamic opening to a wide range of cultural activities. The aim was the conceptual and stylistic connection of all these actions, with the objective to develop a coherent visual language. The common denominator of all these actions is music and, by extension, sound. According to the definition, sound is the sensation caused by the stimulation of the hearing sensory organs, by changes caused in atmospheric pressure. These changes are spreading in the form of sound waves.

We wanted to depict exactly that: the sound waves spreading and pulsating our senses. We wanted in a way to visualize sound. The sound wave in the form of a pulsating line is transformed into a visual letter, that is composed and communicates messages. This pulsating line -sometimes smoother, sometimes harsh, like sound itself- emerges as a new visual language, as a new musical scale with its own rules, its own notes. Like music, this new visual language is governed by a set of strict synthetic rules, capable of connecting in terms of design all of the diverse activities of Megaron.

This new visual language was interpreted, encoded and translated into a design system consisting of a continuously changing linear pattern that can – more subtly or less subtly – represent concepts and images. The visual identity for Megaron Athens Concert Hall 2018-19 covered numerous applications such as posters, banners, panels, brochures, programs, enviromental graphics, merchandise, etc.