Megaron the Athens Concert Hall 20-21

“There is no negation that does not affirm itself elsewhere. Negation is the transitional term to a new period. Negation of the intrinsic, immutable, a priori concept, projects this concept outside of matter, reveals it a posteriori to an extrinsic reaction, becomes mutable by as many reactions”.

The Anticoncept, Gil Joseph Wolman

*An imageless film The Anticoncept (L’Anticoncept) was first screened on 11 February 1952 at the cinema club “Avant-Garde 52,” where it was projected upon a large white weather balloon.

The main aim of this visual project is to reflect this year’s pause. A pause that was a tight reminder over the physics of the eternally ongoing, ever-changing state of things. Spectacle may change its forms and mediums and we are waiting for it to happen. This uncertainty but at the same time readiness for the new start is declared in our proposal for this year’s campaign. We needed a clear statement in search of the new order of things, away from visual verbosities.

Basic layouts elevate the straight flow of information. The way information is presented comes out as common placing of typographic elements and imagery. The narrative follows closely the whole creative process of the Concert Hall’s reopening: the preparations’ ultimate essence is captured by photographer @yannisbournias .

The displayed project around the city has been documented by photographer @dimi_paidimou.