Sentimental Topography

Sentimental Topography project is a wedding invitation for two architects. The ceremony took place at the church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris at Filopappou Hill, Athens.

The couple’s architectural identity in addition to the location’s distinctiveness and the church’s unique character, designed by the emblematic Greek architect Dimitris Pikionis, gave us the founding principles of the project’s concept.

“… Dimitris Pikionis has not been a creator who imitates what he has loved, the nature, the ancient beauty, the maker’s wisdom, nor a selective carrier of distinguished elements. He is someone that through a torturous process of self-knowledge on Hellenic status, has contributed a series of works that have the power of something that existed since forever and the sense of visions that should always be present”

Pikionis’ thoughtfulness on matter and its characteristics, his persistence on craftsmanship and the transcendent perception of the building act, formed our main design lines.

The paper’s materiality that is being elevated by the qualities of light, the presence of the human element, the handmade statement of random ways of tearing the paper and the constructed way of reading through a pile of layered papers, create an object-landscape. Its sculptural entity un- folds an intangible reduction of an imaginary place that its content (wedding ceremony) goes beyond its physical aspect.