Diaspora Research & Immigration Initiative

DRIMΜΙ (Diaspora Research & Immigration Initiative) is an interdisciplinary body of individuals from Greece and abroad, a critical nexus for research on Greek Immigration, Diaspora and the Refuge, that largely aims at promoting discussion and cross-fertilization within and outside academia. The members of DRIMMI contribute to its aims by increasing public understanding on Greek migration, past and present. DRIMMI emerged out of the ‘Greek Diaspora and Immigration Research Program’, an initiative that itself grew following the undertaking of a scholar exchange program ‘Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program’, that operates under the auspices of the Institute of the International Education, USA and the FULBRIGHT Foundation, and is funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

DRIMMI’s logo design was based on three basic principles: simple form, timelessness, flexibility. The design concept is inspired by the concept of “dissemination” that introduces into the design the concepts of “fluctuation”, “randomness”, “condensation”, “enlargement”, “distance” and “approach”. The form of the logo begins with the use of a semicircular form which multiplies into shapes that never end. The DRIMMI logo is not a solid form but a constantly moving and transformable logo according to the needs of each application.

Thessaloniki, Greece