Anahata Yoga Studio

We were asked to design redesign the whole branding of Anahata Yoga Studio, a place dedicated to the holistic approach of yoga. The central idea of the approach was to develop a visual identity, which will be inspired by the profound and essential culture of yoga and not by the trivial iconography and conventional elements that accompany it. Therefore, we designed a straightforward and flexible visual language of symbols, geometric motifs and lettering which reformulate a new narrative around the culture of yoga, whilst covering the promotion and communication needs of the studio.

The design of the new logo for Anahata Yoga Studio is part of the overall relaunch of the visual identity of the Studio. The formation of the logo is derived through three basic elements: 1. the geometry of the typography of the letters A (Anahata) and Y (Yoga) 2. the geometry of paisley “Lahouri”, a characteristic decorative motif of the Indian region 3. the lotus flower petal (a spiritual symbol of eastern religions and yoga).

Thessaloniki, Greece
Anahata Yoga Studio
Branding & advertising