As part of the new visual identity of the Athens Concert Hall for 2018-19, was the design of the display and the signage of Megaron’s shop and café. For the first time, the new visual language could be transferred to the space and take advantage of the visitor’s movement in it. Dualities like light-shadow, open-close, in-out were key concepts for designing these particular applications.

The development and designing of the new visual identity of the Athens Concert Hall was based on the search for a comprehensive approach and performance of all these diverse cultural activities that are taking place during the season. The common denominator of all these actions is music and, by extension, sound. Thus, the core design concept was the visualization of the sound.

The sound wave in the form of a pulsating line is transformed into a visual letter that is composed and communicates messages. This pulsating line -sometimes smoother, sometimes harsh, like sound itself- emerges as a new visual language, as a new musical scale with its own rules, its own notes. Like music, this new visual language is governed by a set of strict synthetic rules capable of connecting in terms of design all of the diverse activities of Megaron.

Our aim was to apply the new visual language in space. The vibrating line – sound wave follows the linear arrangement of the shop windows. The density and the looseness of the linear pattern, that is developed across the bottom side of the shop front, causes the revelation or the disappearance of the shop’s interior while someone walks by. A rhythmical motif of sharp and minimal shapes, that is developed across the upper part of the shop window, takes advantage of the space’s perspective guiding the visitor’s sight towards the shops entrance.