DISU STF 91 is a project for a woman’s apparel store located on the number 91 of a central street in Thessaloniki, which works as the storefront (STF) of a family ran clothing manufacturing compa- ny. The main aim of this project was to create an atmospheric microcosm to accompany the interior design of the store and to work as a whole with the brand’s philosophy. The lines are driven from
the body form: curves, asymmetrical parts, alcoves, which are powdered with a degrade mist to be presented as a female object. Shapes that represent the silhouette on movement or zoom on specif- ic features are imprinted on our surfaces to create a series of curvy items. The colors range between bold earthy tones to light degrade skin-based textures to create monochromatic blocks. When these layers cover each other the degrade mist imitates the way the fabrics interact with the body and the movement of these two.