Stergios Galikas

Stergios studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and continued his studies as scholar at the Interuniversity Prostgraduate Program in Museology and Cultural Management, AUTh. He explores in doctoral level the role of meaning and narrative as tools in museum and exhibition design. From 2012 he participates as Teacher Assistant in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the School of Architecture, AUTh and the IPP Museology, AUTh. In 2017 he was elected Adjunct Lecturer (407/80). His work moves through the areas of architecture, exhibition and graphic design. Since 2005 he regularly participates in groups along with other architects for the development of architectural and exhibition projects. Since 2016 he is a founding member of the creative team Post-Spectacular Office. He has participated and been awarded in architectural competitions, international architectural workshops in Greece and abroad, and his work has been featured in architectural and art exhibitions.