Furniture Gallery

Furniture Gallery is an Athens based company, producing furniture and custom furnishing solutions for professional and residential spaces. We were asked to design a promotional flyer for the compa- ny’s presence at the ΕΣΩ annual architecture event in February 2019. The aim was to introduce the brand to architects and designers.

While forming the design concept we focused on the act of unfolding of a flyer and its ref- ormation to a directed, autonomous event that enforces the experience of the reader-user and keeps distance from the typical and cliché logic of a commercial flyer, trapped in a sterile display of just the company’s brand name and the product it sells. The disclosure of information follows the unfolding
of the flyer by the reader, in order to synthesize in an orderly manner the data that it intends to convey.

“We shape stories” is the accompanying motto of the brand, so the concept of shaping was our design guide. The visual theme of the first side is rectangular shapes randomly stacked, entangled with the typography of the motto. The second side works antithetically to the first, as a disciplined and structured composition of the same rectangular shapes, highlighting the meaning of the brand’s motto.