Plot as Narrative

Utilizing research, extensive planning and rigour, we conceive the concept, that is the message we want to convey. The message itself is not a story. The message is only a story when the narrative thread is given to it, with a clear beginning, middle part and ending, that turns into a plot. The plot is an interpretative document. It describes the concept and the elements that support and reinforce the principal point of the design. The plot is both a manifesto and an explanatory tool. The plot is not a description of the project itself, the materials from which the project is manufactured, nor is suggestive of a particular operation. The theoretical backbone of design is the one that guides and influences the subsequent decision making. For us, this part of the project is a key inspiration that prioritizes messages, ideas, needs, determines the range of tools to be used, adjusts the way in which we manage the spatial and conceptual context and envisions the experience of the user.